A Day in the Life of a Chicken

I had to sing our special good morning song extra loud today, as my sweet baby took his sweet time waking up. Little did he know what was in store for this Halloween Monday. He hadn’t seen his costume yet, nor did he expect anything out of the ordinary. But once the orange and yellow striped leggings came out of the closet, he was singing his own song of excitement. Yep, he loves clothes. Especially bright funny looking ones. He is a little like his Momma that way. I could hardly keep my Chicken Little still enough to take a photo before we headed off to the dayhome.

Ms. A, his caregiver and friend, treats every occasion with pizazz. On Friday, he brought home a three-eyed pumpkin and a handpainted paper bag jack-o-latern. He is becoming quite the artist under her instruction. They carved pumpkins today but I guess he didn’t like to get his hands dirty. Funny little chicken. We have been so busy that Grandma bought us three pumpkins this year and they remain faceless in our entrance. I am glad he got to experience the whole carving thing with his little friends.

This afternoon, we headed out on the town. First stop, Grandma’s work. He got right to work at her keyboard after stopping traffic with his little waddle in the hallway. He was one busy chicken. Filing. Reading. Calculating. Testing pens.

After that, we visited my office so he could strut his stuff. He did.

But little chicks need rest. He was zonked before we made it home. We didn’t make it to Daddy’s work. I unzipped his suit and put him to bed. He didn’t move for two solid hours. We he woke, I found a stash of gumdrops he’d taken from his dayhome. Guess he likes them! He was so proud of himself. All I could do was chuckle.

He, on the other hand, can sometimes be one hard egg to crack. This Momma did everything to get a smile tonight. It worked.

Trick or treat time! We were really looking forward to seeing some of our neighbors. They were all as sweet as ever. We didn’t take out Chicken Little out as it was cold and windy. It didn’t take him long to figure out what it is all about though. When we weren’t looking, he waddled off to the bathroom and got a tin bucket from a cupboard he is allowed to play in now and again. He promptly held it up to be filled. Smart chicken, not just cute.

Right now we have a snoring chicken.

Happy Halloween!


Ghosts, goblins and chickens?

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Little Snapshots

I went to a palm reader the January before my munchkin was born. I was worried about having such a big dog with a little one. Funny how that came up in the reading…given it was so random. In any case, he said that my baby and dog would have an extra special relationship. So true. Today L was trying to figure out how to open the sliding door for Jazz to come in and play. He was putting all his weight into it.

Kiss and Tell

There is nothing quite like your first kiss. I can remember mine like it was yesterday. Don’t be fooled, of course it wasn’t. Still it remains a snapshot etched in my now more selective memory. After having my baby, it seems there isn’t room for everything in there anymore. It went something like this…lights dim in a junior high gymnasium, Def Leopard blaring through the speakers, technically challenged slow dancing, big 80’s hair, a mixture of overpowering cheap cologne and sweat hanging in the air, cheerleading friends chanting their approval and so much anticipation. Romantic? Not really. The boy? Handsome. He is still a good friend all these 20+ years later.

Fast forward to today. My baby is kissed by a girl at a party. Somehow I don’t think he will remember her sweet soft baby lips or that she also kissed some of his buddies, however it is another ‘first’ in a lifetime of many things to experience. Plus, it was pretty darn cute. I couldn’t resist sharing the “love”.


Nicknames are funny things. When he was first born, “Honey Bunny” seemed to roll naturally off my lips. With his adorable dimples, tight curls and one-sided smile, he hardly resembled a rabbit. I’m not sure how this name stuck. Nowadays, we are much too busy for the long version so he is simply “Bunny” or even “Bun Bun”. I hope none of his baby friends catalogue this piece of information for school yard teasing – I’m sure I would get the “Ah Mom…” speech that I am already preparing to hear over and over again. However, this weekend this name is most appropriate.

Happy Easter from my Honey Bunny’s household!

Hotwheeling Daddy

I guess hotwheel cars are on sale somewhere in town. Last night, my hubby came home with an armful to start L’s collection. He then proceeded to give him the run down on each make and model. Both were smiling from ear to ear. I could feel his pride.

A few minutes later, he asked “Is this what dads are suppose to do?” I could have answered with a list of other things that also fall into the ‘Daddy Do’ category, but instead I just nodded. It really could have been one of those commercials for Hallmark greeting cards. I love this little family of mine.

Biggie L vs. Polar Bear South

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

In the left corner, his first time in the ring weighing in at 19 +lbs, is Biggie L. His opponent in the right corner,  slightly stuffed but undefeated, is Polar Bear South. He trained in the toy box at Great Grandma’s house.

The stare down before the match.

Biggie L makes the first move.

Polar Bear South takes a tumble.

Biggie L has a hold but Polar Bear South is starting to wear him down. Note the drool.

Ladies and Gentlemen…the winner with a knockout is Biggie L!

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