Life Artist

“Mommy…me artist!” my two year old bubbled with enthusiasm this morning at 5:00 am. He is just starting to put his words together. I stood in the doorway with one eye open as he jumped on his bed with rockstar bedhead pointing to a craft carefully brought home from his day home. I was at work when it was unveiled but his Daddy taped it to the wall in his bedroom, crooked and with green painter’s tape but proudly displayed.

By the time we left the house for our daily routines, he had been not only an artist but also a cowboy, a cleaner, a mechanic, a boat washer, a monkey and a Doodlebop using a flashlight as a microphone (i.e. the toddler version of old school Mini-pops with coloured hair and wild outfits).

I truly believe that we all try to teach our children the best that we can to set them up for a full, beautiful and authentic life. The reality is that I learn more from my little bundle of love and energy every single day than I could ever hope to pass down.

Today’s lessons: appreciate and find the love in every moment (even early morning ones), you can be anything you want, experiment and sometimes it is ok not to hear the word no. And the best part…the day, which I will look at as an adventure thanks to my little man, has just begun. I am going to give him another job description to try out, an inspirational Life Artist. I think he is more than qualified.

On a cowboy adventure this fall.


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