Kiss and Tell

There is nothing quite like your first kiss. I can remember mine like it was yesterday. Don’t be fooled, of course it wasn’t. Still it remains a snapshot etched in my now more selective memory. After having my baby, it seems there isn’t room for everything in there anymore. It went something like this…lights dim in a junior high gymnasium, Def Leopard blaring through the speakers, technically challenged slow dancing, big 80’s hair, a mixture of overpowering cheap cologne and sweat hanging in the air, cheerleading friends chanting their approval and so much anticipation. Romantic? Not really. The boy? Handsome. He is still a good friend all these 20+ years later.

Fast forward to today. My baby is kissed by a girl at a party. Somehow I don’t think he will remember her sweet soft baby lips or that she also kissed some of his buddies, however it is another ‘first’ in a lifetime of many things to experience. Plus, it was pretty darn cute. I couldn’t resist sharing the “love”.


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